Helping end the plastic epidemic.

At MacRebur, we are environmentalists first, our product goes into making roads, runways, pavements and carparks around the world. But what we have actually created is a new way to use waste plastic which would otherwise have been incinerated or gone to landfill. By using up the waste plastics that no one else can, we are helping to reduce the waste plastic epidemic we are living through. The fact that our product actually enhances our roads, reducing cracks and potholes because of the flexible properties of plastic, is a bonus, and once our roads reach the end of their life, they can be recycled, keeping plastics out of our environment for good.

The plastics we use come from a variety of sources, including household and commercial waste collections.

Now we want to help tackle the problem of plastic waste that has been dumped in our public spaces. We are launching our own foundation to support the efforts of litter pickers across the country and encourage more people to tidy up their areas. As well as carrying out our own regular litter picks, we also want to help those that are out there picking up rubbish that other people have left behind.

We’re are currently looking at the best ways we can do that but there is potential for us to take waste that is collected from litter picks that cannot be recycled and use it in our roads. We may even be able to pay litter pickers for this waste, helping them to fund their activity and collect more rubbish. It’s a project we’re really passionate about and we’re in the process of talking to potential partners to make this happen.

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