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What If Plastic Made Roads


Road made of recycled plastic at UC San Diego is first of its kind in America

MacRebur recycles plastic waste into roads

CNN: Can waste plastics curb the waste epidemic?

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BBC World Hacks

2017 Seedr campaign

Could this be the answer to our plastic woes?

CNBC: The company turning waste plastic into roads

Builders of Tomorrow: A Future Paved with Plastic

Recycling Plastic into Roads


Find out why plastic roads could be the future.

Read about our involvement in technological trials to help future proof roads

Read about us using waste plastic to tackle potholes

Plastic bottles and bags recycled to build roads

Balfour Beatty’s innovative approach to sustainability saves millions of plastic bags from landfill

How MacRebur Turns Rubbish Into Roads

Recycled plastic could be the future of paving roads in Tampa


LDC/Telegraph - Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders – Toby McCartney

Great British Entrepreneurs - Royal bank of Scotland: Distributor of the year Scotland

Winner of The Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness Award

Nominated for The Herald Pioneer Awards: Research Business Award and Pioneer Award

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